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2Twin Android

Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter Android - Simultaneous connection

- Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter for Android

- 2 active SIM Online

- Credit card sized

- The slimmest simultaneous DualSim

- Bluetooth


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Bluetooth dual sim adapter Android

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  • Bluetooth dual sim adapter Android
  • Dual SIM Bluetooth Adapter for Android Smartphone
  • Bluetooth adapter Dual SIM active Android
  • Bluetooth dual sim card adapter Android with 2 numbers active at the same time

Caractéristiques détaillées

2Twin Android - Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter enabling 2 SIM cards to be active simultaneously for Android Smartphones


2Twin Android is a Bluetooth dual SIM adapter which allows to use 2 phone numbers active at the same time on your Android smartphone or tablet.

This adapter turns your Android phone into a simultaneous Dual SIM smartphone.

2Twin Android Dual SIM allows you to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS, all with two SIM cards simultaneously and without having to carry several mobile phones.

You can manage your calls and messages on two phone numbers active simultaneously from the screen of your Android smartphone and centralize all data of your 2 SIMs (phone book, SMS, call logs ...) on one mobile phone.


2Twin Android is the slimmest and the lightest Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter with simultaneous connection which allows to have both numbers active at the same time on one Android mobile phone.

With its credit card sized format, only 5 mm, and its ultra light weight, 25 gramms, it fits easily in any pocket and always stays with you.


SIMplus App is available on Google Play Store.

Download the SIMplus App from the Google Play Store to install it on your Android smartphone.

Insert your Nano SIM card into the 2Twin Android device.

Connect your iPhone to 2Twin Android via Bluetooth (wireless connection).

Enjoy the simultaneous Dual SIM phone function.


With its simple and intuitive interface, the SIMplus app allows you, at a glance, to select the right SIM card, access your contacts and messages, view your networks information, mobile phone provider, signal strength, the battery level status.

The long-lasting battery of the 2Twin Android Dual SIM adapter is rechargeable by micro USB.

This Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter is easy to use.





Your Android mobile phone becomes a Dual SIM card smartphone.

Easy to use: Simply download and install the SIMplus app from the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

The thinest, 5 mm only, and the lightest Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter, it weighs only 25 gramms.

Credit card sized, 2Twin Android takes place easily to your pocket, your wallet or a bag.

Connects to your Android mobile phone via Bluetooth in a radius up to 10-15 meters.

Bluetooth multi-point access to use other Bluetooth devices (hands-free headset, car kit…).



Technical specifications


- Nano SIM card slot

- Frequency MHz: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

- Networks: GSM GPRS EDGE 2G

- Bluetooth 4.0 (connected distance : 10 - 15 meters)

- Battery Capacity: 450 mAh (pure cobalt)

- Standby time: 100 to 150 hours

- Conversation time: 3 hours

- Credit card size: 83 x 51 x 5 mm

- Weight: 25 g

- Color: Black and silver

- Language : English - French - German - Italian - Spanish





1 x Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter 2Twin Android SIMore

1 x Micro USB charging cable

1 x User Manual (English - French)





2Twin Android is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets

Works with all Android versions from 4.4

Can be used with Android tablets to turn them into mobile phones

Compatible with all GSM SIM cards from all mobile providers (to transform your SIM cards into Nano SIM format, use our SIM card cutter, our Noosy SIM adapters or our SIMore SIM holder kit)





Does not require you to unsimlock your Android smartphones and tablets

MMS and Data functions are not supported

CDMA / WCDMA not compatible

Smartphone and SIM cards not provided



Complete your purchase

To attach the 2Twin Android adapter to the back of your mobile, see our accessories Pouch Black SIMore , Pouch White SIMore and Pouch Black Flap SIMore



I want to have 4 or 5 SIM cards, or more, on one mobile phone. Is it possible ?

Yes, you can mix one Bluetooth SIM adapter with one X-T 3G/4G adapter.
You will have 2 or 3 SIM cards active simultaneously and from 1 to 4 extra SIM cards with switching on one single phone.

Can I receive calls and SMS simultaneously on both SIM cards with the bluetooth adapters ?

Yes, the bluetooth adapters are dual SIM devices with simultaneous connection that allow you to use 2 active SIM cards at the same time on a single smartphone.

Can I surf the web and make data via wifi with the bluetooth dual SIM active adapters ?

Yes, you can use the wifi on your smartphone when the bluetooth adapter is connected.

Can I surf the web and make data via 3G or 4G with the bluetooth adapters ?

You keep using Internet and access 3G and 4G on your smartphone with the main SIM card located into your mobile phone.

Note: the adapter supports GSM (2G) mode only 

Can I choose incoming calls ringtone for the SIM card placed in the bluetooth adapter ?

Yes, a selection of ringtones is proposed.

Can I use another Bluetooth device simultaneously with the bluetooth dual SIM active adapter ?

Yes, it is possible to connect at the same time a second bluetooth system (for example free car kit or headset) to your mobile phone.
Note: All available BT devices have not been tested.

Can I choose the SIM card I want to use to make calls or SMS ?

Yes, the app allows you to select the SIM you want to use for calling your contacts or sending messages.

What is the Bluetooth's operating range ?

The connection range is 10 - 15 meters.

How to charge the bluetooth adapter ?

Each adapter comes with a USB charging cable.
You can charge it with your cellphone USB charger or with your computer USB plug using the provided cable.

Can I use all SIM cards sizes into the 2Twin bluetooth system ?

The SIM slot size of the 2Twin is the nano SIM format.
It is possible to turn your SIM card into nano SIM size by using our SIM accessories.

What is the battery life of the 2Twin adapter ?

The 2Twin dual SIM has its own battery.
The battery life is 3 hours of talk time and 100 to 150 hours of standby time.

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