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Floodlight Security Camera 1080P HD WiFi Outdoor GF-L400 Base

Camera Security Waterproof 1080 P WiFi with AI Motion Detection Alarm , Night Vision, Two-way Real-time Audio, Spot light

- Wide Angle HD Security Camera

- Motion sensor Spotlight

- Live View real time alert on your mobile

- Motion detector 120°

- Light spot and alarm siren function

- Waterproof IP65

- Infrared night vision

- Two-Way Microphone / Audio


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Floodlight HD security smart camera waterproof LED spotlight projector, PIR motion detection, night vision, two way audio, connected to your smartphone

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  • Floodlight HD security smart camera waterproof LED spotlight projector, PIR motion detection, night vision, two way audio, connected to your smartphone
  • HD WiFi security camera waterproof with LED spotlight, PIR motion detection, two way audio, smartphone connected, Alarm siren
  • Security camera HD Wi-Fi waterproof floodlight LED spotlight, two way audio, PIR motion detection, Alarm siren, real time monitoring from your smartphone
  • HD Floodlight security camera waterproof LED spotlight, PIR motion detection, Alarm siren, mobile real time monitoring, two way audio
  • Security HD camera Wi-Fi waterproof Floodlight LED spotlight with motion detection, direct push alarme, sirène 110 Db, two way audioreal time monitoring
  •  HD security camera HD waterproof Floodlight LED spotlight with motion detection, direct push alarme, sirène 110 Db, two way audio
  • Floodlight HD security camera wifi outdoor with Thermal motion detector and Remote Push Alarm messages on mobile phone
  • Floodlight HD security camera waterproof LED Spotlight, PIR motion detection, 2 way Audio, real time monitoring, siren 110 DB
  • HD Security Camera Floodlight waterproof with Ultra Bright LED spotlight, motion detector, alarm siren function, real time monitoring from your smartphone
  • Outdoor security floodlight camera HD waterproof wifi with super bright spotlight LED, night vision and Remote Push Alarm messages on mobile phone
  • Outdoor HD security floodlight camera waterproof wifi, built-in microphone and speaker for real time two way audio and Remote Push Alarm messages on smartphone
  • security camera Floodlight Outdoor HD wifi Weatherproof with Infrared night vision accessible 24 hours a day worldwide from your smartphone

Caractéristiques détaillées

HD Security camera with wide-angle motion sensor lighting, infrared night vision, built-in microphone and speaker, outdoor LED projector, waterproof Floodlight


The Floodlight Wireless Outdoor Security Camera is a waterproof WiFi HD security camera with PIR motion detection, two-way talk, motion-activated LED spotlights and siren.

This HD Floodlight camera detects any human event discreetly and allows you to keep an eye on your property night and day to protect your home wherever you are.

When a stranger approaches, the light will automatically turn on and an instant notification will be sent to the app for you to see and check what is happening immediately.

Perfect for real-time monitoring of your home, second homes, construction sites, boats, factories, warehouses, car parks, gardens...

The security camera has a 1080 pixel High Definition (HD) lens to provide a wide and crystal clear 120° view.

Equipped with 120°accurate PIR motion detection and night vision, this security camera has an upgraded PIR algorithm to ensure accurate human motion detection activities and protect you from false alarms from pets or insects.

You monitor everything remotely from your iPhone or Android smartphone or any other mobile phone.

You can live view, hear and speak to people/guesst on your property. Turn ON the LED spotlights on all your blind spots and activate the siren in case of suspicion. All from your phone or tablet via the app.

This Floodlight Wifi surveillance camera gives you a complete 24/7 home security solution in the palm of your hand.

The Floodlight Waterproof Security Camera has ultra-bright 2400 Lm LED floodlight.

The Floodlight Wireless Security Camera has a speakers and a microphone built-in with two-way audio function which allows you to communicate with the guest or delivery person directly through the app.

With its deterrent siren alarm of 110 Decibels configurable, the Floodlight security camera will help you get rid of unwelcome visits simply via the application, even if you are miles away from home.

The Floodlight camera is IP65 waterproof and water/snow resistant, so you don't have to worry about a weather event like heavy rains or storms.

This surveillance camera allows you to remotely control alarm video recording, voice recording, LED spot light, alarm siren and photo capture.

This waterproof Flooddlight surveillance camera works day and night thanks to its thermal motion detectors and infrared night vision.


Full HD (high definition) 1080 pixels

With its 1080 pixel Full HD (high definition) lens and 120° wide-angle field of view, you won't miss any detail and get high-quality videos and images.

Videos and photosare recorded in HD on the SD card inserted in the camera.

The date and time will be indicated on each captured video or image.


Two-way Audio Bidirectional

The floodlight waterproof security camera has a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way listening and talking.

Two-way audio means users can communicate, listen and talk to each other in real time through the wireless camera.

Its 110 Decibel siren alarm can be activated directly via the application and help you get rid of unwanted visits even if you are far from home.


Advanced infrared motion detection

The waterproof Floodlight security camera is equipped with an smart human-shaped infrared motion sensor.

The app allows you to set your monitoring areas and actions.

When detecting human movement, you can choose to activate the bright LED spotlights and/or the siren alarm to scare off intruders.

The Floodlight WiFi security camera, detects and reduces false alarms.

You can define 3 levels of sensibility and 64 motion detection zones directly via the Floodlight security camera application.


IP65 waterproof outdoor camera

The Floodlight Waterproof Camera is designed to resist extreme weather conditions (- 28° to + 65°).

With its waterproof IP65 design, this Floodlight surveillance camera is resistant to all weather conditions (rain, snow, dust) and operates 24 hours a day, day and night, in all environments and in all weathers.


Ultra Bright LED Projector

The Floodlight surveillance camera has two Ultra bright LED projectors with a natural white color of 2400 Lumens.

Ultra bright spotlights automatically turn ON when motion is detected and can also be turned ON or OFF manually via the app from your mobile.


Infrared night vision (850nm Infrared LED)

The waterproof Floodlight security camera is equiped with a new generation of 850nm infrared LEDs that are undetectable day and night.

In a dark environment or even total darkness, the Floodlight surveillance camera will obtain clear HD quality videos and images up to 15 meters away.


Save to Local SD Card or Cloud

Videos and images of events are stored either on your smartphone or locally on your SD memory card inserted in the Floodlight camera (SD card not included).

If the SD memory card is full, the data will be overwritten and rewritten to guarantee 24/24 backup of all events and alerts.

Local backup on phone and SD card helps avoid the risk of cloud data breach so no one could access it without your permission.


Adjustable and flexible direction of the camera and the spotlights

You can change the camera's angle of view and the orientation of the spotlights to optimize the coverage of surveillance areas.


2.4G Wi-Fi connection

The Floodlight surveillance camera connects in WiFi very easily and quickly to your local network through the application.

Download and open the App, then scan the camera's QR code to connect it to your WiFi local network.


Electrical Connection and Mounting Options

The Floodlight surveillance camera connects to regular power supply.

No need for a power converter or transformer, just connect the two power supply wires to the two terminals of the camera for it to work.


Multi-User Access

The Floodlight Wifi Security Camera allows multiple users to watch video and monitor your property at the same time from their own smartphones.





Full HD 1920x1080 Pixel High Definition Camera

120° wide angle lens

Weather resistant

Optimized PIR Human motion detection alert

2 Way-Audio Bidirectional (Talk)

Remote Push Alarm messages on mobile phone

Thermal motion detector

Control light ON/OFF by smartphone

Ultra Bright LED Projectors

Infrared night vision

Recording videos and photos on SD card.

Service accessible 24 hours a day worldwide from your smartphone.



Technical specifications


- 1080 pixel HD security camera

- 2.4G Wi-Fi connection

- Waterproof: IP68

- 850NM infrared LEDs

- Viewing angle: 120°

- Built-in microphone and speaker

- Two Way Audio Bi-Directional

- Detection angle by PIR sensor: 120°

- Siren 110 Decibels

- 2 x 5000K light spot

- Wattage: 24W

- Adjustable orientation

- Date and time overlay

- Compact size: 283 x 130 x 130mm

- Works in extreme temperatures from -28°C to +65°C

- Voltage: 110-260V

- Multi-language interface

- Weight: 1080G

- Support 64GB SD card

- CE & FCC & ROHS certificates





1x GF-L400Base Camera

1x Mounting kit

1x Electrical connection kit

1x User Manual





Compatible with all iPhones, iPads running iOS and smartphones running Android OS.

Works with the IOTLiving App available on AppStore and Google Play

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