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Communicate without limits with the SIMore Dual SIM solutions

You travel often, you live near the border to another country, you have a private number as well as a professional one and are using multiple phones? Simplify your life! 
Use 2, 3, 4, 5 SIM cards from one mobile phone  with SIMore.

The SIMore advantages

  • Fast: Manage two or more  phone numbers with one single click 

  • Practical: Emit and receive calls & SMS on multiple SIM cards with only one phone

  • Smart: Centralize all your data on one single mobile phone and dispose of separate agendas and directories by SIM card.

Contact us to choose the dual sim adapter solution that best fits your needs.

One mobile phone 
and several SIM cards active

Use 2, 3 and up to 5 SIM cards simultaneously from one mobile phone.
Stay connected at all times on all your numbers at the same time.
It's easy: Before you call, simply choose the operator you want to use.

Go over borders from one card to another
and easily switch
from one card to another 

Go abroad and avoid the international roaming surcharges (data roaming).
Select the SIM card you want to use and switch operators without turning off the phone.
You can program the switching of the SIM cards manually or automatically.

Universal: Compatible
with all operators 

The dual SIM solutions are compatible with all SIM cards in the market.
In Europe and internationally, they can be used with all mobile operators.

Multimodels : compatible with
Android, iOS, iPhone and more... 

The SIMore solutions are compatible with all phones -2nd, 3rd, 4th generation- iOS, Android and iPhone.
Check all phones compatible with our double / triple / multi SIM card adapters. 
If your device is not listed, apply for a compatibility test.

Insert, install and enjoy!

Plug and play, the SIMore solutions appear directly in the main menu of your phone.
Consult the installation, user guide and configuration videos

by type of solutions
by phone model: iPhone, iOS, Android etc. 

or send an email to our customer service or contact our hotline by phone.