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Would like to Thanks Simore. I did install the simore adapter into my phone and it works accordingly. So far so good and I enjoy to have 2 sims in my old iPhone. Best Regards
Mu (Malaysia)

Today I’ve installed the adapter in the iPhone 8. Everything works perfectly fine! Thanks for your care and service!
Robert (Netherlands)

I am pleased to advise you that it arrived today. It is installed and working perfectly. A wonderful product!!
Michael (Australia)

Hi, I have received the item, installed it and it is working perfectly well. Thanks again for your liable service. Best Regards
David (Malta)

My personal recommendation, its works absolutely great with sims from providers in different country and has no problems with5G network. Life saver, thank you !
Ruslan (United Kingdom)

That’s great - love the unit. Keep on giving us good stuff - I have been using the Simore units for a long time now and have been very happy with the equipment and your support. Thanks !
Aaban (Switzerland)

Hello, I have received the SIMORE adapter. It works perfectly. Thank you! Regards.
Almeo (Singapore)

Thanks for all, the product is so good.
Jasem (United Arab Emirates)

Thanks a lot! your product is perfect !!!!
οθωνας (Greece)

Thank you very much. I received "Speed X-Twin 7". I tested it successfully. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
Koichi (Japan)

Hi! Everything works well! Thank you.
Vilius (Lithuania)

Thank you for my order which I received today a 4 x Sim fitting for my iPhone 7 Plus. I have fitted the unit from your online video and it is working perfectly for each of the 4 sim cards. Absolute Brilliant Product and i have no problem recommending it to anyone.
John (Ireland)

I got the very best product in the world for iPhone.
Ks (India)

Just want to say I am very pleased with your service and product. Both performed exactly as advertised. I have connectivity to multiple phones from one device and have wifi tethering on a specific SIM when needed.
Andrew (Canada)

I have just received my Dualsim@home, I am very satisfied, thank you very much, very nice customer service, I will buy from them again.
Noureddine (France)

Have just installed my adapter. Many thanks for your excellent support. It is up and running and works fantastically.
Alberto (Switzerland)

Good day, Purchased and received a Speed X-Four Nano SIM. The item works GREAT!!! Thank you
Denis (Greece)

I received my E-Clips Box 2 months ago and I am very happy with. Thank you for a great product.
John (Bermuda)

Thank you for your excellent customer service.
James (United Kingdom)

I wanted to mention how this device is a great addition to technology! I personally always am carrying a Simore where ever I go and please do keep up the amazing work. Best of Regards
Hassan (United Arab Emirates)

I have received the 2Twin and it works perfect. Thank you
Pelayo (Spain)

Hello. I’m using five SIM cards on my iPhone X in Saudi Arabia. Thank you so much. I will tell my friends about it.
Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)

Thank you so so much for your outstanding service. We have received both sim extensions mean timely and are glad that those arrived just in time. Your kind efforts are much appreciated. Kind regards from Germany.
Giuditta (Germany)

Many thanks. I just received the Speed-X Four and tried it on my iPhone SE and it works like a charm.
Kittiyut (Thailand)

Everything functioned well. Thank you!
Pascal (Allemagne)

Very happy customer. Works great. I love it, 2 sim card and 200gb mini SD. Thanks
Abdullah (Afghanistan)

Hi, I have received the product and everything is perfect. Thanks for everything. Best regards
Ignacio (Spain)

Hello! I just bought the X-Extender for my S8 - and I'm loving it!!! Thanks for the fast delivery.
Kittiyut (Thailand)

The package has been correctly delivered. The GoldBox works great. Thank you very much. Best Regards.
Patrick (Germany)

I have purchased a dual sim adapter from you some time ago. The device is great. It's been very useful so far. Thank you very much.
Dan (Romania)

Hi. Taken delivery of my GoldBox and it's really good. Love it!
Alex (United Kingdom)

I bought a G2 Bluebox and I am very happy with it.
Harald (Germany)

I received the order last night. Thanks for the response. It is working great.
Jason (Japan)

I received the product and I am really happy about it.
Jeremy (Switzerland)

Good day Simore support, Received and installed today. All working excellent! Many thanks for the service!!! Satisfied Customer,
Andres Casanova (Netherlands)

I am really happy now !!! You have a really high quality device.Everything functioning perfect !!! I have to wait long time to have such a device, now i feel very lucky to find and have your device. Many thanks
Janos Marczis (Sweden)

Everything work very well. Thank you very much for your help. Best Regards.
Agustìn (Spain)

Dear Simore Team, Thanks for the Dual-Sim Adapter! It works fine! Thanks, Regards
Gerald (Austria)

My Simore works perfectly. Thank you for your prompt service and technical assistance. So far I am very happy with the product and appreciate the efficient customer service provided. Regards,
Mario (Colombia)

Thank you for your great product. Thanks again! Kind Regards
Sam (Hungary)

The card works well with the Samsung Galaxy, so I'm happy. Regards
Davide (Italy)

Good day, the order arrived today and everything works correctly on my Nokia. Excellent product.
Fluvio (Italy)

Many thanks for your great service. Best regards,
Lisa (Netherlands)

Installed and works fine. Thanks very much,
Eric (Belgium)

I bought the phone adapter for iPhone and am very satisfied. Thank you.
Rene (Germany)

Thanks a lot, everything works very well. Thank you for your fast help! Best regards
Tobias (Germany)

Hi,I have tested Simore Infinite Dual SIM card on my HTC. The Dual SIM works properly on my phone. No problems have arisen on the phone. Regards
Juha (Finland)

My Simore works fine with both sims. Thank you very much.
Loris (Italy)

Hi Simore Team, The Simore works perfectly. Thanks for all. Regards
Irani (India)

The purpose of this letter is to thank them for their management and speed, the card Infinite works OK. Greetings again most grateful.
Antonio (Spain)

Thank you for the Platinum adapter because it worked, so there no need anymore two mobile phones. Best regards
Jeffrey (Malta)

Dear Simore, Your product is functioning well. Thank you. Best regards
Giovanni (Italy)

The Simore has been received and tested working fine. Thank you for your assistance. Appreciate it! More power and God bless! Best regards
Feliciano (Singapore)

Dear Ladies and Sirs, The SIMore card arrived, functioning without Problems. Thank you and best regards
Gunnar (Germany)

Hallo, My Simore works fine. Thank you very much. Best regards
Jost (Germany)

Hi. I followed the Simore instructions and it works nice. One more satisfied customer. Thank you very much!!!
Chusé Antón (Spain)

I inserted it to my mobile , it worked very properly ... Thanks a lot
Ebrahim (United Arab Emirates)

The product works faultlessly. I am convinced of the quality of her product and will recommend her. Many thanks
Werner (Germany)

Thank you. It works perfectly!!! Greetings
Stefan (Germany)

Thank`s a lot, it is running! Best regards
Jens (Germany)

All right. My Simore works very well. Thanks.
Miguel (Spain)

Dear Simore, The device works great!!!!! Thank you very much
Fabio (Italy)

Thank you very much. Works perfectly. Kind regards One happy customer
Kees (Netherlands)

Thanks. Simore go very well.
Dario (Italy)

I'm really impressed how good it works. Great thing! Even thank you very much for nice support,all looking good. Best wiches from a happy purchaser
Manuel (Germany)

Everything works very well. Thank you very much
Attila (Germany)

The Simore adapter is working fine. Regards
Piergiorgio (Italy)

Thanks. Very GOOD PRODUCT. Best Regards
Jose Vicente (Spain)

Very good product. I just want to thank you for your great support. Best regards
Martin (Germany)

The solution works perfectly. Thanks you very much. Kind Regards
Andreas (Germany)

Dear Sirs
Although I still think the overall price for your SIM-Adapter is high, your customer support is very good an -most important- I am very satisfied with the product, which works exactly as described! Thank you. With best regards
Jan (Germany)

Dear Simore, Everything works ok. Thanks
Angelo (Italy)

Good evening, I received the package Simore card. I have already tried and it works perfectly. Thanks and Greetings.
Alfredo (Spain)

I installed on my phone (HTC P3600 with Windows Mobile 6) and everything is working. Excellent product. Practical and easy to use... Regards
Riccardo (Italy)

I have successfully installed the Simore Platinum, and it is working well. Nice product!!! Regards
Pete (Germany)

Thank you, all perfect.
Isaac (Spain)

It works like a charme, Thanks for all Sincerely
Davide (Italy)

Dear Sir, I have received the Platinum card and it works fine ! Great product ! Thank you very much for your support.
Evaristo (Italy)

Hello, I have received the product and it's working on the Nokia E71. Perfect! Thanks for the quick delivery, Regards
Ed (Netherlands)

Greetings! I have received the Simore. It is installed and operational. I will be recommending your Platinum to several friends of mine who have a similar requirement to use 2 SIMs in their iPhones. Regards
Michael (Australia)

My Simore works perfectly. Thanks, Kind regards
Christoph (Switzerland)

Hi, I have successfully installed my Simore into my BlackBerry 8900. The good news is that it is working as expected so thank you once again. Regards
John (New Zealand)

Many thanks, the device works great. Regards
Neil (United Kingdom)

Thanks ,it works really well. Good work.
Alessio (Italy)

I bought a simore black type 1 card. It works perfect! Thanks and regards
Sergey (Germany)

All OK!  It works well. Thanks still.
Donato (Italy)

I have a dual sim Simore and it works brilliantly. Thanks for a great product
James (United Kingdom)

All works ok on palm Treo 750. Thanks and best regards.
Ettore (Italy)

Thank you very much. It works perfectly. Thanks. Best regards
Daniel (Spain)

My Simore Platinum works perfectly. You are very kind! I will post positive feedback for you in International forums. Bye
Mario (Italy)

Thank you very much! I received the package with the Simore Infinite and works just fine in my phone. Keep it up with the good work! Thanks a lot again! Greetings from Mexico
Luis Carlos (Mexico)

My Simore works perfectly. I'm very satisfied with your service. Thank you.
Harada (Japon)

I live in France and work in Switzerland. To avoid paying roaming when I am at work in Geneva, I bought a Swiss SIM card to receive calls on a Swiss number without being overcharged. Now, I no longer need my 2 mobiles. When I go to work in the morning, I switch to Orange Switzerland, and when I returned to France in the evening, I switch to SFR. Since I have used Simore my handbag is lighter :-)
Laetitia, Perfumery Assistant Manager, Geneva (Switzerland)

I'm an airline pilot and I often have to change the SIM card (company to personal) or have 2 phones and/or 2 chargers. the Simore allows me to have only one telephone and switch to another SIM in the menu without having to turn off the phone. My card arrived in England in a few days, I installed it while watching the video on the site. The Simore team responded within minutes to a question I had, and here you go, it was up and running!
John, Haywards Heath (United Kingdom)

I discovered Simore by word of mouth, I had trouble believing it and I tried it out. It worked! A quick delivery and here I am with this small kit. Not so simple at first but with the support of the Simore team, here I am with one phone and my two numbers inside. Great technology! I particularly want to thank the technicians, who are very customer oriented as well as a their very good management of their after-sale service. They have responded professionally to all my requests.
Aurélie, Commercial

I am working in a company that sells on the Internet, among other things I'm handling calls through a hotline which I deal with over a mobile phone. At the same time, I coordinate consultants and programmers who call me on another mobile line. Before, I always had to use 2 Mobiles, but since I use the Simore dual SIM card, I have only one phone for my daily work. Simore, thank you for allowing me to discover this intelligent device.
Vincent, FFT, Geneva (Switzerland)

I am crossing the border every day and to prevent international calls I have two SIM cards which meant two phones or sometimes changing the chip on my mobile while I was driving. With Simore, now I have only one mobile and in three clicks on the keyboard I switch from one card to another without all the constraints I had before. Thank you Simore.
Alain, Swisscom Shop, Assistant Manager (Switzerland)

I'm Belgian and French, and need to cross the border regularly. There are areas in Belgium where the Orange network is not even available with the international option. The dual SIM card is fantastic. I use it on a Nokia and I have set the swap function for both SIM cards including the return or removal cancellation for both cards. In no time, can I swap from one to another. Great job for the technical aspects. Thank you.
Flament Francis, CEO Logistics company

Simore changed my life: one mobile phone, two SIM cards, just perfect! I have more room in my pockets. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Redoane Swisscom Shop, Retail (Switzerland)