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Multi-Xi-16SIM extension adapter tool - 3G 4G 5G compatible

iPhone and Android Multi-SIM Extension

SIM cards reader-converter

Supports 16 SIM cards

Format Nano SIM


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Caractéristiques détaillées

Cards SIM extension reader converter Multi-Xi-16SIM for iPhone and Nano SIM phones


Multi-Xi-16SIM is a multi-SIM extension adapter that allows to use up to 16 SIM cards or more from one single phone.

This Multi-Xi-16SIM adapter takes place directly in your mobile SIM slot to have sixteen Nano SIM cards or more on your smartphone.

You choose on which SIM card you want to be connected through the switch button.

This smart card extender allows you to activate, copy, backsup, store and save your SIM cards data directly on your phone.

Perfect solution to send bulk SMS, copy contacts list on several SIM cards or to extract phonebook stored on different SIM cards formats.

The SIM cards converter Multi-Xi-16SIM allows to read, display, save and manage SIM card contents on your mobile.

You can import and export all data from your SIM card on a new one rapidly: copy all SIM card's information on your cellphone or transfer them to your new SIM.

Easy to use, the multi SIM cards reader enables you to read, write, edit (contacts directory, PIN code ...) of your SIM card quickly.

You can manually enter your new contacts, names and phone numbers directly to your smartphone and copy new data on your new SIM card.

The SIM cards extension adapter Multi-Xi-16SIM is a great solution for anyone who has several SIM card and wants to save labor and time.

You want to use more than 16 SIM cards on your mobile phone, pair the Multi-Xi-16SIM with the board Multi-16SIM Extender devices. You will able to connect up to 80 SIM cards on one single smartphone.





Allows to use up to sixteen SIM cards or more in one smartphone.

Supports Nano SIM cards format.

Manage SIM card's data and informations from your mobile phone.

Send bulk SMS.

Backup, read and save your contacts list on your new SIM card easily.

Change and modify your SIM cards PIN code.

Quick and easy installation (Plug & Play).



Technical specifications


- 1 x iPhone/Nano Xi slot format extension

- 16 x Nano SIM areas

- Dimensions of the cable: 150 x 7 mm

- Dimensions of the board: 100 x 30 x 1 mm

- Weight: 16 Grams

- Color: Black





1 x SIM extension board adapter Multi-Xi-16SIM

1 x Flexible flat cable connector for Nano SIM Xi





Compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphones with Nano SIM bevel at bottom (Xi)

Works with all Nano SIM cards from all mobile phones providers





Your smartphone must be unsimlocked to use different providers SIM cards

One SIM card is active at the time

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