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Magnetic holder with two magnets for iPhone and Android smartphones - Dual rotating connection

Universal Dual magnetic holder for smartphones

Carry your 2 mobile phones back to back

Easy and convenient 360° rotating function

Ultra-Thin and elegant design


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Caractéristiques détaillées

Dual Mobile phones holder with 360° magnetic rotation


Pair up back to back your two mobile phones!

CellSnapp is a Dual magnetic holder which allows any two phones to be attached back to back.

You have two cell phones and don't want to be separated from them, you are tired of always chasing your two phones and constantly looking for them, you have a professional and a personal mobile phone and want to keep advantage of your two devices functionalities simultaneously, you want to avoid losing or misplacing your phones, looking for a multi usage magnetic holder for your smartphone, CellSnapp is the perfect solution to carry two cell phones at the same time, as if they were one device!.

with its powerful neodymium magnets molded in a highly durable ABS plastic, your two smartphones are securely fixed back to back.

Its 360° rotating function allows an easy usage of your two phones feature, you can quickly take photos, watch videos, use flashlights or fingerprint scanners on both devices without having to separate them, CellSnapp guarantees simple transportation of two devices, into handling just one!

Ultra thin and light, CellSnapp allows you to assemble your two cell phones to carry them in a space as small as your back pocket or your purse and no longer have to search for your mobile phones when needed.

Easy to install, CellSnapp sticks on the back of your smartphones protective cases with its 3M adhesive tape. You just need to bring your two phones closer to keep them securely attached together. Simply pull them appart from each other, when you want to use them individually,

CellSnapp is the one and only mobile accessory that allows you to handle, use and carry two mobile phones at the same time, as if they were one device!

CellSnap dual magnetic holder also allows you to carry your Dual SIM Active adapter on the back of your iPhone or Android mobile phone.





Use your 2 mobile phones back to back.

Store and find your smartphones easily.

Universal dual holder with maximum protection.

Easy to use with its 360° rotating function.

Attach your Dual SIM adapter on the back of your mobile phone.



Technical specifications


- Dimensions: 60 x 4 mm

- Color: Black





1 x Dual Magnetic CellSnapp holder





For iPhone, Android smartphones and mobile phones

Can be used to hold our Dual SIM external adapters on the back of your mobile

Must be attached to protective case of your cellphones


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