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4G WiFi Router Dual SIM Magnetic for iPhone - Simultaneous connection

- Dual SIM Active adapter for iPhone

- 2 physical SIMs simultaneously

- 4G WiFi Internet Router

- Magnetic MagSafe Technology

- Call Recording

- Compact & lightweight


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Router Dual SIM WiFi hotspot MagSafe for iPhone

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  • Router Dual SIM WiFi hotspot MagSafe for iPhone
  • Magnetic Router Dual SIM MagSafe compatible for iPhone
  • Magnetic portable 4G WiFi hotspot Router with Dual SIM function
  • Router Dual SIM 4G MagSafe with 2SIM active for iPhone
  • Router 4G Dual SIM MagSafe for iPhone
  • 4G portable WiFi router Dual SIM Active hotspot for iPhone
  • MAGNETIC 4G Dual SIM active Router  for iPhone
  • Router Dual SIM 4G Wifi MagSafe iPhone compatible
  • Dual SIM Router Wifi MagSafe compatible for iPhone
  • Portable Router 4G Dual SIM Magsafe for iPhone
  • Magnetic portable 4G WiFi hotspot Router with Dual SIM function for calls, text messages

Caractéristiques détaillées

Router WiFi Hotspot Dual SIM for iPhone - 2 SIM active simultaneously - MagSafe and Call recording function

 Magnetic Router Dual SIM Accessory for iPhone


MAG2SIM is a magnetic 4G wireless WiFi hotspot router with call recorder function engineered to be compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Its magnetic design ensures effortless attachment to your smartphone and enables simultaneous usage of two physical SIM cards for calls, text messages, and high-speed internet access.

This perfect travel companion offers Dual SIM Active and 4G router function, allowing you to stay connected wherever you are. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, MAG2SIM ensures reliable connectivity and hassle-free communication.

With support for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, this accessory offers versatility across a range of Apple devices, transforming them into powerful dual-SIM smartphones and enhancing their internet access functionality on the go.

MAG2SIM integrates a call recording function allowing users to record any important business conversations or private calls.



Why may you need to use MAG2SIM ?

Many people want keep using multiple physical SIM cards without the inconvenience of carrying multiple phones. They also require additional internet access to take advantage of the best plan from different carriers purposes or locations.

Due to the limitation of most iPhones being single SIM or eSIM only devices, or SIM-locked, they cannot activate two physical SIM cards simultaneously. This is why we have created this Dual SIM High Speed 4G WiFi router MagSafe compatible.

MAG2SIM is the perfect accessory to transform any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch models into Dual SIM smartphone capable of handling two SIM cards for calls, SMS and 4G High Speed internet access.

MAG2SIM enhances your 4G network experience, ensuring faster and smoother internet access wherever you are.


What is MAG2SIM device ?

MAG2SIM is a Magnetic portable 4G WiFi hotspot Router with Dual SIM function for calls, text messages and high-speed internet access compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

This advanced technology features two Nano SIM card slots, enabling users to simultaneously activate up to two physical SIMs on a single iPhone or iOS devices.

With MAG2SIM, eliminate the hassle of carrying multiple phones or frequently switching SIM cards. It efficiently handles multiple SIM networks on a single iPhone, facilitating calls, SMS, and internet sharing via its 4G High-Speed WiFi hotspot.

MAG2SIM device supports calls by Bluetooth and high-speed internet access via its own Wi-Fi hotspots, providing users with multiple connectivity options.

MAG2SIM empowers users to manage both private and business contacts on one device, or use a local SIM card while traveling abroad to avoid exorbitant roaming charges.

 Router Dual SIM Magsafe accessory iPhone


WorldFirst MAGNETIC 4G Dual SIM Router !

MAG2SIM simplifies your life experience with precise alignment magnets and fast 4G wireless Dual SIM Hotspot functionality.

With its Built-in magnets MAG2SIM offers a magical seamless attachment to your iPhone.

Compact, lightweight and portable, this accessory can be conveniently carried in your bag, pocket, or directly attached to the back of your iPhone using its magnetic MagSafe feature.

MAG2SIM has a unique patented design with sleek cuts and flawless carbon fiber finish. For the back side we've selected an anti-slip silky, soft-touch material, ensuring a comfortable grip in your hand.


How does it work ?

Insert 1 or 2 SIMs in MAG2SIM

Download the SIMPlus App available on the AppStore

Connect MAG2SIM to your iPhone, iPad, iPod through the App by Bluetooth or WiFi

Enjoy having all your numbers active at the same time on a single iPhone for Internet, Voice calls and SMS


4G Data Internet access

MAG2SIM is a 4G internet router that enables browsing the web and data usage through the additional SIM card inserted into the device.

This portable 4G router offers flexibility in accessing the internet, allowing users to create their own Wi-Fi hotspot wherever they go.

This is beneficial in places where public Wi-Fi networks are unavailable, unreliable, or unsecure.


WiFi Hotspot Sharing

MAG2SIM allows to share fast and secure High Speed internet access with up to eight WiFi devices simultaneously.

Master user can define WiFi Hotspot name and password to offer a secure internet access and keep your team, friends and/or family connected while you are on the go or working offsite.

This accessory is ideal for situations where multiple users need to access the internet simultaneously, such as during group travel or collaborative work.


Phone calls and SMS

MAG2SIM adds two additional physical SIM cards to your iPhone, transforming it into a dual-SIM smartphone capable of making and receiving calls and text messages, with all numbers connected and active simultaneously.

The MAG2SIM accessory can also convert your iPad and iPod Touch into Dual SIM mobile phone, enabling calling and texting functionality.


Call Recording function

The iPhone lacks a built-in call recording feature.

With MAG2SIM, you can effortlessly record all your calls using our SIMPlus app.


Super long lasting battery - 3100mAh

For MAG2SIM, we've selected the highest quality Pure Cobalt battery to guarantee long-lasting performance.

Once fully charged, it provides:
• up to 15 days of standby time
• up to 24 hours of calls and SMS
• up to 16 hours in intensive Data WiFi hotspot sharing mode.

With its powerful 3100mAh battery capacity, MAG2SIM offers reliable power for an extended usage, ensuring users stay connected throughout the day without the need of frequent charging.

Note that MAG2SIM is not a power bank and can not be used to recharge the iPhone.


QualComm's ChipSet

MAG2SIM integrates the most advanced QualComm 4G/LTE module, delivering exceptionally fast and stable network performance with increased capacity.

QualComm is a leader in modem technology, offering reliable cellular connectivity for voice and data communication.

Theses chipsets are designed to be power-efficient, helping to extend battery life, and ensuring compatibility with a broad range of devices and software ecosystems.





2 physical SIM cards active simultaneously

High Speed secure Internet access

4G WiFi Hotspot

Voice calls

SMS messages

MagSafe compatible with built in magnets

In-app Call Recording feature

Long lasting battery 3100 mAh

Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod iOS devices



Technical specifications


- SIM slot : Two Nano SIM cards slots

- Network : 4G / 3G / 2G

- Frequency MHz : LTE FDD: B1 / B3 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B20 - LTE TDD: B38 / B40 / B41 - WCDMA B1 / B5 / B8 - GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

- Bluetooth : Bluetooth 4.1 Distance: 10-15 meters

- Wi-Fi : 2.4GHz 5GHz - A / B / G / N Distance: 10-300 meters

- Internet speed : up to 150/50 Mbps

- Size : 95 x 67 x 14.3 mm

- Weight : 115g (200g with box & accessories)

- Battery capacity : 3100 mAh Li-Polymer - Pure Cobalt

- Standby time : 7 to 15 days

- Conversation time : 20 to 24 hours (Calls / SMS)

- Hotspot sharing time : 10 to 16 hours

- Interface : USB-C Cable

- Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Dutch

- Color : Black carbon fiber finish





1 x MAG2SIM Magnetic Dual SIM WiFi router

1 x USB-C charging cable

1 x User Manual (English - French)

1 x PIN Tool





MAG2SIM is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device

Works with all iOS versions from 8.1 and upper

Can be used with iPad and iPod to turn them into dual SIM mobile phone

All iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, tablets, laptop PC, Mac… can connect to MAG2SIM through Wi-Fi to access internet





Does not require you to unsimlock or jailbreak your iPhone

Internet access is available with the SIM-1 card placed into the adapter over 4G/LTE/3G

MMS function is currently not supported



Is MAG2SIM easy to set up ?

Yes. Simply download our SIMPlus App available on the AppStore, connect the device to your iPhone by Bluetooth and start using it.

Are both SIM cards active at the same time, simultaneously ?

Yes, with MAG2SIM you are reachable on all SIM cards for calls and SMS.

How will I be notified of incoming calls or text messages ?

For calls: Your iPhone will either ring or vibrate, and a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to answer or decline the call.

How to activate MAG2SIM WiFi hotspot ?

Just turn ON "WiFi tethering" button in the App to active the Hotspot.

How to browse the internet using MAG2SIM WiFi Hotspot ?

Open your iPhone's WiFi settings, choose the "SIMPlus" network from the list of available networks, and start browsing the internet using the MAG2SIM hotspot.

What is the battery capacity of MAG2SIM ?

The battery capacity of MAG2SIM is 3100mAh.

How to charge MAG2SIM ?

The kit comes with a USB-C cable for recharging the MAG2SIM.

What is the MAG2SIM battery life ?

Once fully charged, it provides:
• up to 15 days of standby time
• up to 24 hours of calls and SMS
• up to 16 hours in intensive Data WiFi hotspot sharing mode.

Can I change WiFi hotspot SSID name and password ?

Yes, you can modify MAG2SIM Wifi SSID name and password into the SIMPlus App.

How many users can I share my MAG2SIM WiFi Hotspot with ?

You can share MAG2SIM WiFi hotspot with up to 8 users.

Is MAG2SIM compatible with an iPhone that has an eSIM ?

Yes, MAG2SIM is compatible with iPhones that have either an eSIM or one SIM card.

What version of iOS is required to use MAG2SIM ?

MAG2SIM works with iOS 11 and later versions.

How strong is the magnetic attraction of MAG2SIM ?

The magnetic force of 18N ensures that MAG2SIM stays securely attached to the back of your iPhone.

Can I use MAG2SIM if my iPhone is not MagSafe compatible ?

Yes you can use MAG2SIM on its own. Just keep it in your pocket or in your bag.
MAG2SIM has to be within 30 meters WiFi range for internet access and hotspot sharing , within 10 to 15 meters Bluetooth range for calls and SMS.

Can I use MAG2SIM with my iPad or my iPod Touch to make/receive calls, SMS and browse the internet ?

Yes, MAG2SIM turns your iPad or iPod Touch into a dual SIM smartphone, enabling calls, text messages, and Data/Internet usage.

Can MAG2SIM used to recharge my iPhone ?

No, MAG2SIM is not a power bank and cannot be used to recharge your iPhone.

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