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C2 Travel case White

Protective cover for iPhone 6

Travel case for iPhone 6

Anti-Shock protection

2 SIM card slots

1 credit card sized slot


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Travel case for iphone 6 with two SIM card holder integrated

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  • Travel case for iphone 6 with two SIM card holder integrated
  • Protection case for iPhone 6 with 2 Micro SIM and credit card storage
  • Protective cover for iPhone 6 with credit card and Micro SIM holder

Caractéristiques détaillées

C2 Travel case White for iPhone 6


C2 Travel case White is an iPhone 6 protective cover for frequent travelers.

It allows you to protect your smartphone from bumps and shocks and store two SIM cards (nano SIM or micro SIM size), your SIM card pin and your credit card or any other card in credit card format.

With the supplied screen protector, your iPhone 6 is also fully protected against scratches.

The protective C2 Travel case White is made of 2 parts:

- the first one goes directly on the back of your iPhone 6 and allows you to put your SIM cards, your SIM tool and your credit card.

- the second one superimposes on the first one to cover and protect your items without risking to lose them.

Simply open the back cover's case and access your objects conveniently.





Protects your iPhone 6 from blows and scratches.

Allows to carry your credit card, two additional SIM cards and one SIM pin tool.

Double injected polycarbonate to express more crisp and clear color.

TPU main housing for shock protection.

Premium UV coating for extra durability against scratches and to stay clean in daily usage.

Quick and easy installation.



Technical specifications


2 SIM slots (nano and/or micro SIM size)

1 SIM pin pocket

1 credit card sized slot

Materials: Urethane and Polycarbonate

Premium UV coating

Color: White





1 x C2 Travel case White

1 x Screen protector (Front)

1 x RFID signal sheet

1 x Dust removal sticker

1 x Cleaning wipe





Compatible with all iPhone 6

Can be used with the dual SIM card adapter X-Twin 6