SIM Accessories for iPhone and Android

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  1. Phone stand SIM cards holder + Micro SD card reader SIMore

    Smartphone stand - SIM cards holder with Micro SD card USB / Micro USB reader and eject tool - Credit card size

    Phone stand SIM cards holder + Micro SD card reader SIMore

    Mobile phone stand

    Store and protect your SIM cards

    1 Micro SD memory card USB and Micro USB reader

    4 SIM storage compartments

    3 SIM adapters + 1 SIM eject tool included

    Credit card sized


    Disponibility :In stock


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  2. SwissCard Lite Victorinox

    Pocket tool in credit card size format

    Victorinox SwissCard Lite

    Revolutionary pocket tool holder

    Multiple accessories

    13 clever functions

    Format of a conventional credit card


    Disponibility :In stock


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  3. Pouch Flap SIMore

    iPhone and smartphones adhesive pocket - Universal storage pouch with protective flap

    Adhesive pouch with flap for dual sim bluetooth adapter

    Universal expandable adhesive cover

    Pocket with protective flap

    Carry your simultaneous SIM adapter

    Store your credit cards or other small items


    Disponibility :In stock


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  4. SIM card holder SIMore

    SIM holder for Nano SIM, Micro SIM and standard SIM cards

    SIM cards holder SIMore

    Store and protect your SIM cards

    Credit card sized

    3 adapters included

    Tray for iPhone tool


    Disponibility :In stock

    Regular Price: €9.90

    Special Price: €6.90

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