The solution!


Simore the intelligent Dual SIM card adapter system.

Having two Mobile phones is no longer necessary.

Developed to ISO-7816 standards, Simore Dual SIM

Card adapter is fully tested and compatible with all SIM & USIM cards available.

Leader on the market (smart cards, SIM cards for GSM and 3G), Simore specializes in the design, software development and manufacturing of smart cards.

We have specially developed this unique software application for the mobile telecommunications market.

At the heart of our system, our software allows for the first time ever, full decoding compatibility for SIM and USIM cards for all mobile operators.

Simore Smart Dual SIM Card Adapter is the result of our experience and expertise.

We can, at your request, build and develop custom applications for your needs or for specific circumstances.

We offer concepts and solutions compatible and consistent with the international standards (ISO standards).

Our experience, our creativity and our willingness to innovate make Simore the world leader in the field of Smart Card Technologies.
Enabling you to communicate without limits
Simore is the market leader for smart cards and SIM cards in the field of GSM and 3G telecommunications.

Main supplier of VISA, MasterCard, we have developed over many years the smart cards for banking and SIM cards for mobile telecommunications operators.

Simore Dual SIM Card Adapter, Twin SIM recognizes all SIM architectures.

Simore Dual SIM Card Adapter, Twin SIM card has been specially developed for the worldwide market.

Our dual SIM card adapter is compatible with all mobile operators in Europe and worldwide.

Simore Dual SIM Card Adapter, Twin SIM card fits in all mobile phones, including third generation phones (3G).

Easy to install with the latest software designed by our engineers, dual SIM card adapter Simore is unique: The Original.

This intelligent device is the solution that has already attracted many users (Testimony ).

Take control of your Mobile, switch from one number to another without shutting down your Mobile, escape roaming charges, with a top quality and cutting edge product.