Dual and Triple SIM adapters for mobile Xiaomi Redmi-4-pro

Discover our compatible dual SIM adapters list :

  1. The mobile Xiaomi Redmi-4-pro is compatible with the adapter G2 BlueBox

    G2 BlueBox Dual and triple active SIM card adapter for Android smartphones

    - Triple SIM adapter

    - 3 active SIM Online

    - Bluetooth

    - BT Multi-point access


    Disponibility :In stock

    Regular Price: €99.90

    Special Price: €79.90

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  2. The mobile Xiaomi Redmi-4-pro has not yet passed all compatibility tests with the adapter ZX-Twin Nano SIM

    ZX-Twin Nano SIM Dual SIM card adapter 4G for Android nano SIM smartphones

    - Dual SIM adapter

    - 2 SIM cards in your Android Nano SIM mobile

    - Manual or automatic switching

    - Reinforced membrane

    - Shortcut function


    Disponibility :In stock


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