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X-Triple Nano SIM

Triple SIM adapter for nano SIM smartphones and tablets - 3G 4G compatible

- Triple SIM adapter

- 3 SIM cards in your Nano SIM phone

- Manual switching


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Triple Dual SIM adapter for smartphone Nano SIM

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  • Triple Dual SIM adapter for smartphone Nano SIM

Detailed specifications

X-Triple Nano SIM adapter Triple dual SIM for Nano SIM mobile phones, smartphones and tablets


The X-Triple Nano SIM device is a triple SIM dualSIM card adapter which allows youto have three SIM cards (1x nano SIM, 1x micro SIM and 1x mini SIM) in your Nano SIM format smartphone.

Once inserted into your phone, the SIMore menu appears automatically in your mobile's main menu to manage your 3 numbers.

Call, send and receive your SMS/MMS with 3 SIM cards on one mobile cell phone.

Choose your SIM card to access data and browse Internet.

The Triple dual sim X-Triple Nano SIM adapter is very convenient for travellers, businessmen, or anyone who uses more than one SIM or phone number(professional SIM / private SIM / foreign SIM).





Integrate and use three SIM cards in one single Nano SIM smartphone or tablet.

Internet/data access with your 3 SIM.

Avoid roaming charges abroad.

Separate private life and professional life.

Easy and quick installation.



Technical specifications


- 3 SIM locations (1x nano SIM, 1x micro SIM and 1x standard SIM)

- Manual switching function

- Supports GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, 3G, LTE, 4G, WCDMA, HSDPA networks





Compatible with the Nano SIM format smartphones and tablets

Supports iOS, Android, Gingerbread, Windows, Linux, ICS, Jelly Bean etc

Works with all nano SIM cards, micro SIM cards and standard SIM cards from all mobile phones providers





Requires to unsimlock your device to use 2 or 3 SIM from two different provider

Please check that the space under the back cover of the phone is sufficient to receive the X-Triple Nano SIM or use a protective case compatible with your mobile phone to maintain the Triple SIM adapter

Needs to reboot the phone after each switch

SIM cards and mobile phone non provided


Installation manual


Does the SIMore dual SIM card support a connection with LTE-4G-UMTS-HSDPA-3G-WCDMA?

SIMore guarantees a connection with LTE-4G-UMTS-HSDPA-3G-WCDMA for the X-T and DualSim Infinite ranges.
SIMore guarantees a connection with UMTS-HSDPA-3G-WCDMA for the DualSim Platinum ranges.
SIMore guarantees a connection with GSM-GPRS-EDGE for the DualSim Black, Silver and Gold ranges.

How to switch from one SIM card to another?

Once the SIMore device is inserted into your mobile, the SIMore menu will automatically appear in the main menu of your phone.
It allows you to manage your two numbers and to define your settings.
You can switch from one number to another in just two clicks.

The WX-Twin, Platinum and Infinite versions have the shortcut key function to switch from one SIM number to another without going through the SIMore menu.
Example for WX-Twin: # 11 for SIM-1 and # 22 for SIM-2
Example for Platinum and Infinite: # 001 for SIM-1 and # 002 for SIM-2

Where can I find the SIMore menu in my phone?

Once the SIMore device is inserted into your mobile, the SIMore menu will automatically appear in the main menu of your phone.
You'll find the SIMore menu under:
- "Settings > Phone > SIM application" for iPhone
- "Applications" for Samsung
- "Program" for Windows Mobile
- "Main Menu" for Nokia
Call # 99 and then press the green button to launch the call function and the SIMore menu will appear automatically on the screen of your mobile.
Warning: the shortcut key only operates on the DualSim WX-Twin, Platinum and Infinite versions and is not supported by all mobile phones.

Can we go on the Internet and make video conference calls with the SIMore dual SIM card?

Yes, the SIMore dual SIM card X-T and DualSim 3G can go online and make video conference connections via LTE-4G-UMTS-HSDPA-3G-WCDMA.

Is the original operator menu STK (SIM Tool Kit) still available?

The original operator menu STK (SIM Tool Kit) remains accessible for the SIMore Platinum and Infinite versions.
For versions X-Twin, X-Triple, Black, Silver, Gold, the STK (SIM Tool Kit) original operator  menu will be replaced by the SIMore device.

Can I receive calls on 3 SIM cards at the same time with the X-Triple adapters ?

Current smartphones are equipped with one transmitter and one receiver, thus they can not simultaneously connect three SIM cards on three different networks.

With this Triple SIM card adapter, you choose which SIM card you want to use (SIM-1, SIM-2 or SIM-3)
If you are connected on SIM-1 and someone calls on SIM-2, the caller will reach your box and may leave a message.
You will be notified of the message when switching on SIM-2 card.

However, you can activate the automatic function that allows you to switch between your SIM cards with ease.
You can therefore be quickly notified if you have received a message or a missed call.
Example: 1 hour 30 minutes on SIM -1, 5 minutes on SIM 2 and 20 minutes on SIM-3

If you need both SIM cards active at the same times, we recommend you the G2 BlueBox for Android OS.

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